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Potty Pics Photography

I'm really enjoying taking photos of my pottery, amongst other things!

I love my new camera phone with its extra lens so I can blur out the distance. I feel that gives you an idea of the setting without distracting from the subject.

I'm posting onto this blog the photos I've taken of the bowls I now make for Chilli Penguin Stoves in Pwllheli. Only because I don't want to put anymore on my social pages, think it might be overkill! 😂

But some of the pics I'm really proud off and want to share at least somewhere!

You will see I use the blur option frequently, if any photographers out there have any tips or comments please share them with me! I do own a 'real' (😂) camera, but still haven't picked it up!

The brick wall is at the bottom of my studio steps and I've used this angle quite a lot, plus I also love my wobbly well worn steps too as a back drop, then there is the simple white background which is good for catalogue photos and finally the zoomed in 'cutting the corners' photos! The latter is a new one for me that I'm working on.

I feel I'm still not very good at the 'setting the scean' composed photos, I always feel that everything else in the shot takes over from the pot! Plus my age related OCD likes me to lay everything out neatly 🙈😂😆

Enjoy your Thursday.....

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