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Photography in Situ

I had a little photo shoot of one lamp in various locations yesterday.

Utilising other studios in the yard. In the header pic you can see my studio across the yard.

I was mainly trying to find a pic location that represented someone's home, but wanted to use the same piece for comparison. It's often questioned by artists wanting to photograph their work, esp when approaching galleries to exhibit for them, whether you should use plain white backgrounds or 'plinth' shots or settings to compliment the work. Personally I try to do both. But keep it simple for website shop photos.

I love the darker ones that show how well the Fairy Lamp looks lit and the one taken on the 'monks bench' was just where I put it whilst I asked the studio tenants if I could take some photos!

Anyway, the whole reason for this little shoot was to calm me down after I managed to topple all my Santas, made last week, onto the floor where everyone of them broke!

Guessing even Santa is feeling suicidal with Covid!?

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