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I made this tribute to Freddie Mercury two years ago for a special 60th birthday present.

During the summer it resides outside in the garden along with a Freddie Mercury Rose bush. But although it's UK winter weather resistant, it's seems such a shame not to look at it!

So it has returned to its indoor position.

Plus this weekend on Facebook the annual Queen Convention will be live online at 5pm on Saturday 😊. I've never managed to make it to the actual event, in the flesh, live & without a mask or social distancing, so I will be watching this weekend with a glass of gin no doubt! There might even be some dancing involved, esp after a gin or two! 😆

Over in the shop, I've now listed the Santa's & some tree decorations which started selling last night, along with some direct messaged larger orders for teacher & school friend gifts 🤗

Yesterday I assembled some sheep, I'm quite excited about this new flock....hope they turn out as I've envisaged!

And thank you,

to all of you who signed up yesterday (follow the link at the top of the blog) and became part of the Snowdonia BlueSlate Community! You will be the ones who really see behind the scenes & into this fragmented brain of mine! 😁

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