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Feeling Motivated

I know quite a few hate Monday mornings...but if you love your job it's a pleasure to go to work.

I'm currently trying to teach this to my 13year old son. Find something you love doing, no playing video games doesn't count (!!!) Because if you manage to get a job you love life becomes so much easier.

So, today....I have a glaze kiln to open!! Whoop whoop!! For a potter this is Christmas morning!! It's such a long process to reach this point....and the final glazing stage is messy and can make or break a pot, sometimes literally!

So lifting that lid is done on bated breath, the first peep....

Hopefully your eyes widen, you take a big breath of happiness and a 'yesss'!!!

However, often too frequently, you also get a deep sigh, your face & shoulders drop and disappointment sets in.

As you go through the process you have a completed image in your head, it's what you are working towards, what drives you on. So when you open the kiln and that's not what you see your first emotion is sadness and a sense of failure. But.....once you have looked at it, thought about it, worked out where you went wrong, decided on a new plan, a different approach, it becomes a learning curve.

And....that rejected pot of yours gets put in the bargain basket to be picked up by someone who thinks it's totally beautiful and has no idea why it's in the reject pile!

On reflection, life's a bit like that too!

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