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Another Monday Morning

Well I might as well do today than put off till tomorrow!

I'm sat with my morning cuppa of lemon 🍋 tea so now is as good a time as any!

This morning I'm off to visit my mum, 97 bless her and struggling but coping with all of this covid stuff.

After that, it's off to sunny Blaenau Ffestiniog for some work related chores. It doesn't always rain in Blaenau before you choke on your breakfast at the mere mention of sunny & Blaenau in the same sentence! 😂

This week in the studio there will be more production of stock, but as yet I'm not sure what is on my ever increasing 'todo' list! I know I've got some dinky little Botanical vases to finish, plus making more sheep....some Xmas ones and a couple of limited editions! 😊

Normally Sept/Oct for me is mass stock piling for the Christmas fairs, but there are almost no actual events this year! I've signed up for 3 online fairs and one actual 'visit it for real' fair in Orial Mon in Llangefni (if that continues to go ahead! 😖) Don't we all just hate this uncertainty!?

So, on the off chance that I will sell some things online....I will continue to produce. It's lucky I enjoy my job! Lol

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